Elvira Grau – New Jersey Housewife or Guest Star?

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The Celebrity Magnet, Tom Murro’s power definitely attracted Elvira Grau last night at a party she planned for the release of NJ Housewife Teresa Guidice’s cookbook, “Skinny Italian.”

Grau, full time party planner, was “fun and flirty” and kept pulling the Magnet in to take photos with her.

The Magnet was especially attracted to the $80,000 custom platinum Rolex with diamonds that Elvira, who grew up dirt poor in Brooklyn, wore on her wrist. He plans to feature this watch and her this August in “International Watch Magazine.”

While Elvira danced for the Magnet, he managed to find out that she may be in more episodes of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey.” “You’ll see this face a lot more,” Elvira said to Tom. Several of the people in attendance agreed that she should be the next housewife, despite Bravo’s denials.

Elvira also told the Magnet that she has no respect for Housewife Danielle Staub and will not be planning any parties for Caroline Manzo anytime soon. Besides herself, her favorite housewife is Teresa.

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