Justin Bieber Pulled Over By Cops

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The international pop sensation was pulled over last week on an L.A. freeway for driving 80 mph.

LA City  Councilman and former LAPD motor officer Dennis Zine called the cops on Bieber and reported that the pop star was was driving at least 100 mph and was dangerously weaving in and out of traffic. The Councilman went so far as to say that he was surprised Justin didn’t get in a wreck with how recklessly he was driving and that the singer belongs behind bars.

Minutes after being pulled over the singer called 911 and claimed he was being followed by 5 paparazzi. LA96.3 FM aired the 911 call this morning. Bieber told the operator, “I have like 5 cars following me. They are driving really reckless.” The operator goes on to ask for the singer’s last name, to which he replies, “ummm, Johnson” and for what kind of car he’s driving; his $106,000 Fisker Karma, a birthday gift for his 18th birthday from his manager Scooter and R&B singer Usher.

The operator then asks Bieber if he is the same person who was just pulled over on the 101 and he tries to explain the situation saying, “They’re the ones that are driving recklessly now, I’m just trying to like not have them be on my tail right now. Before I was driving fast so I could get away from them and got pulled over myself.”

The operator told Bieber that officers were being dispatched to aid him.

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